Sepik - God of The RiverPapua New Guinea – Limited Edition Roasting If you are looking for truly exceptional coffee, we invite you to try our limited edition Sepik, a single-origin coffee named after the God of the River of where it hails, Papua New Guinea. This is a limited-edition micro-lot only offered once a year, and when our allotment of beans is gone, it's gone. So now is your chance to experience something truly exceptional.


Background Information

Commercial coffee production began in the late 1920s in Papua New Guinea. The country’s climate makes it ideal for growing coffee. The majority of coffee is grown in the highlands on small farms that may only have as little as 20 trees. These small intimate crops have been coined “coffee gardens.” The coffee trees are grown among shade trees and other subsistence crops. The majority of coffee grown in Papua New Guinea is certified organic, due to the fact that it is grown in such isolation. Coffee is currently the country’s second-largest agricultural export and provides jobs for approximately 2.5 million people.


Our Offering

Our Papua New Guinea Peaberry is a delicious, zesty, grapefruity micro-lot offering. This lovely peaberry has prominent notes of baked apple, pear, cinnamon, lime zest, vanilla, and cacao. Catch this flavor-packed peaberry while you can!



Our micro-lot offerings are in very limited supply, catch them while you can!

We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest coffee possible, we accomplish that by shipping your order within 24 hours of it being roasted.

Sepik - God of The River

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