Our Uganda Organic Honey retains much of the acidity it would have if it were processed as a fully washed coffee. This coffee is very sweet and delicate with the taste of fresh blossoms, honey, and stone fruit, that have been preserved by roasting it to a medium profile. This delicious coffee is very clean and sweet with a solid molasses-like backbone. It’s a great example of what attention to detail in processing can produce!


Background Information

Uganda has always been known for producing Robusta coffee, seeing as it is a native species to the area. Close to 85% of the coffee crop grown in Uganda is the Robusta varietal. Historically it is hard to track how much coffee the country exports each year, due to the crop being smuggled out of the country to be sold in neighboring countries at a higher price. Currently, Uganda is Africa’s leading exporter of coffee by volume, with Ethiopia producing more, but exporting less, and is the only African nation with consistent annual production volume increases. The climbing numbers are due to a combination of the countries focus on producing higher-quality Arabica coffee and more of the harvests being sold within the country.


Uganda’s reputation for producing high-quality Arabica beans is still in its infancy. The Arabica species is gaining popularity in some of the more desirable growing regions.  The Arabica coffee trees are being grown on farms with other food crops for home consumption. The larger trees produce shade and the leaves that fall from them provide manure for the coffee plants. This type of care for the delicate coffee trees ensures sustainable coffee production. Arabica’s value continues to be undermined by historical low-profit margins on the trading market. However, in  2018 a coffee auction was introduced in Uganda in an effort to promote higher-quality coffee and better prices for farmers. With this stimulus in place, the care and quality of Arabica coffee in Uganda will continue to grow.


Uganda Organic Honey

Our Uganda offering has undergone “Honey” processing to bring forth a very sweet and delicate cup with the taste of fresh blossoms, honey, and stone fruit. Honey processing is a hybrid processing method wherein the skin and fruit have been stripped away, but the sticky mucilage surrounding the coffee has been left behind to dry on the seed. Before this process begins, the coffee cherries are floated to sort for density and damaged seeds. After pulping the mucilage-covered parchment is sent straight to the drying tables, skipping the fermentation tank and channel grading steps. After frequent turning and hand-picking over a three week drying period, the coffee is ready to export

Uganda Honey

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