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A medium grind  is necessary for this process to avoid  clogging pot or  having fine grinds in your end result

  1. Use Filtered or bottled water

  2. Add 7-8 grams of ground coffee per 200ml of water to the pot
  3. Add hot water (right before boil) to the pot and gently stir

  4. Let stand 3-4 minutes

  5. Press plunger down slowly

French Press

Amount of water can be adjusted based on your machines recommendations

  1. Use filtered or bottled water

  2. Keep the coffee bean whole until ready to brew for optimal flavor

  3. Grind coffee evenly (We recommend a Burr grinder for an even grind)

  4. We recommend 2 tbsp of coffee per 6-8 oz of water 

Drip Coffee
  1. Use Filtered or bottled water

  2. Warm water to 185-200F

  3. Grind coffee to medium and measure 20 grams of coffee grounds

  4. Pour a small amount of hot water into the grounds creating a small circle. Let grounds soak in the water and let bloom for 30-45 seconds

  5. In a circular motion, pour hot water over grounds slowly. The pour should be equal to the speed of the coffee dripping into lower containter

Don't get discouraged if you don't perfect the pour at first. It takes a little practice!

Pour Over
  1. Use Filtered or bottled water

  2. Add tea leaves to tea pot
  3. In a kettle, bring water to a rolling boil

  4. Pour water over leaves

Steeping Suggestions

  1. Black Tea: 4-5 minutes at 200-212F

  2. Chinese Green Tea: 2-3 minutes at 170-180 (boil water, allow to cool 1 minute)

  3. Japanese Green Tea: 1-2 minutes at 160-170 (boil water, allow to cool 2 minutes)

  4. White Tea: 2-3 minutes at 175F (boil water, allow to cool 1.5-2 minutes)

  5. Jasmine Tea: 3-4 minutes at 190-200F (Remove just shy of boiling)

  6. Iced Tea: Boil water and pour directly over tea. Steep for 3 minutes (green tea) or 5 minutes (black tea). Let tea cool to room temperature before pouring over ice



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