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Step-By-Step DIY River Blend Cold Brew

River Blend’s Sunshine Cold Brew is a three-bean blend of Honduras Comsa, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Brazil Mogiana. This blend is fruity, chocolate-y, smooth and is considered a medium roast. Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to make cafe quality cold brew in your own home!

What You’ll Need:

2 2-quart mason jars

2 cups of River Blend Sunshine Cold Brew

6 cups of filtered water

Step One: Mix and Steep

Mix the 2 cups of River Blend Sunshine Cold Brew coffee grounds and 6 cups of filtered water into one of your mason jars. Easy, right? Then put your mason jar in the fridge and let the mixture steep for 24 hours.

Step Two: Filter

Now that you’ve steeped your your coffee ground and water mixture for 24 hours, take your mason jar out of the fridge and put a coffee filter over the top of the opening. Secure the coffee filter in place with the ringed part of the mason jar lid. Pour your coffee ground and water mixture into the second, empty mason jar, allowing the coffee filter to filter the coffee grounds out of the mixture.

Step Three: Dilute and Enjoy!

What you have just created is a cold brew concentrate. Now we have a couple different options here: 1) Leave the concentrate as is and add all your creamer, milk, ice and flavor fix-ins as normal or 2) Add more filtered water to your concentrate and then proceed with your fix-ins. The concentrate has a very bold taste because it is, well, concentrated with coffee grounds. Some enjoy this bold taste, especially if they plan on adding lots of ice (which will end up melting as you drink and diluting the concentrate). If you prefer less ice or less fix-ins, then option 2 is best in order to capture all the flavors of the blend.

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