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This lovely V60 coffee dripper is durable, fun to use, and easy to clean! With its easy to use, sit on top of cup design, your coffee is brewed directly into your cup.  When you’re done brewing, its safe to place in the dishwasher. This dripper allows you to personalize your cup of coffee to your exact taste.


What is Pourover Coffee?

Pour-over coffee produces a clean crisp cup and highlights the coffee's origin flavors. Fruity coffees will taste fruitier and sweet coffees will taste sweeter, with no sediment left behind in your cup. Even though mastering the art of the pour-over takes a little patience and some trial and error, it is sure to become your favorite way to brew due to the fact that each cup is tailor-made for you!


Why do you need a V60?



These simple, beautifully designed drippers allow you to have full control over the time it takes you to brew your perfect cup of coffee. The cone shape of the coffee dripper adds depth and dimension to your cup and the single large hole at the bottom of the dripper will change the taste of your coffee depending on the speed at which you pour the hot water. The spiral ribs that line the inside of the cone allow the coffee grounds adequate room to expand. This feature ensures all of the grounds come in contact with the hot water. The durable, ceramic body helps to retain heat and maintain a constant temperature throughout the brewing process, which in turn adds to the dimension of the cup. With its easy to use, sit on top of cup design, your coffee is brewed directly into your cup. This dripper allows you to personalize your cup of coffee and highlight the flavors you love.



  • Heat water to 195ºF-205ºF.
  • Fold the paper along the seam and place in the dripper.
  • With the included serving spoon, add 1 tbs of freshly ground coffee (medium to fine grind) in the paper filter, per 4oz serving. Adjust the amount of grounds used based on your taste preference.
  • Slowly pour a small amount of hot water over the grounds to moisten them. Wait 30 seconds for the grounds to “bloom.”
  • Pour the remainder of the hot water slowly over the grounds for the serving size being prepared.


  • Pour water slowly and steadily, in a circular motion over the grounds.
  • Avoid making direct contact with the paper filter, when pouring the water.
  • Total brew time, start to finish, should take approximately 3 minutes.
  • Use with Hario V60 paper filters, size 2.
  • Serving size:  1-4 cups
  • The photos are for illustrative purposes only, product color may vary slightly.

Coffee Dripper

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