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Our EL Salvador has been lightly roasted to preserve the subtle blueberry, nutmeg, and milk chocolate tones. The lighter roast produces a medium-bodied cup that leaves your mouth feeling clean and pleasant. Preparing this specialty bean as a pour-over will ensure all the subtle flavors are highlighted. This coffee is Rainforest certified.


Background Information for El Salvador Coffee

Coffee production in El Salvador has powered the economy in the nation for more than a century. The coffee industry has provided approximately 135,000 jobs in the country and represents over 20% of the nation's agricultural product. El Salvador is ranked number 11 out of the 55 coffee-producing countries in the world.


Our Offering

Our choice for El Salvadorian coffee comes from the Belismelis family. The family owns a 300-acre Rainforest Alliance certified estate, which provides an integral economic anchor for the members of the surrounding communities that work the farm and harvest the coffee. The Belismelis family gives back wherever possible, they heavily invest in education and they enjoy contributing supplies for celebrations around their surrounding communities. We recommend the Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper which is the perfect tool to make the best cup of El Salvador coffee.



We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest coffee possible, we accomplish that by shipping your order within 24 hours of it being roasted.

El Salvador

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  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee: If you don't love your coffee, let us know and we will gladly roast you another type.


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