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This Guatemalan coffee offers numerous flavors that shine as the coffee begins to cool down. Subtle flavors of milk chocolate and caramel give way to bright mandarin orange and cherry. This medium-bodied, light roast coffee is sure to please your palate. We suggest you prepare this delightful coffee in a French Press to maximize your enjoyment.


Background Information

Production of coffee in Guatemala began to grow in the 1850s.  Small plantations began to flourish in some of the southwest regions. Growth was stunted in these regions due to a lack of knowledge, funds, and laborers. Coffee production in Guatemala has become a vital element in the country’s economy, despite the challenges it still currently faces. Guatemala was the top coffee producer in Central America for most of the 20th century until it was overtaken by Honduras in 2011.

Our Guatemalan Coffee Offering


We have sourced our Guatemalan Coffee beans from farms that are located more than 4,500 feet above sea level. These beans are classified as Strictly Hard Beans (SHB) because they are harder and denser than beans grown at lower elevations.  SHB grow and mature more slowly at these higher altitudes and thus have more structural consistency and robust taste. The beans are fully washed and dried in the sun. They are then prepared for export using the European Preparation (EP) standard. The EP standard means the green coffee beans are hand-sorted until there are no more than 8 defects per 300 grams of coffee. We hope you enjoy our Guatemalan Coffee as much as we enjoy providing quality. If you enjoy our Guatemala, be sure to check out our fantastic offering from El Salvador.



We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest coffee possible, we accomplish that by shipping your order within 24 hours of it being roasted.


Sales Tax Included


Price Options
One-time purchase
$13.30every month until canceled
    • Light Roast
    • Medium Bodied
    • Mouth Feel: Bright, Smooth, Creamy
    • Noted Flavors: Caramel, Chocolate, Citrus, Fruity
    • Fantastic prepared in a French Press.
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