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This wonderfully light-bodied coffee provides bright, clean flavors of lemon-lime, honeysuckle, and melon that are sure to leave your taste buds refreshed and wanting more! Our Honduras Comsa has a sparkling tart acidity, should you prepare it as a pour-over, we suggest you discard the bloom to avoid any unwanted acidity.


Background Information on Honduras COMSA

Though the climate, soil and weather conditions in Honduras are similar to many other South American countries, coffee production was slow to take off. In the 19th century, there were many small coffee plantations in Honduras, but due to the lack of transportation and shipping facilities to the coast, there was virtually no exportation of coffee. Despite the country’s high poverty rates and limited resources, Honduras’s produce specialty coffee producers have pressed forward and are getting stronger every day. There are now 6 coffee producing regions in Honduras. The local farmers have boosted Honduras to rank number 5 for coffee production globally. We like to introduce you to our Honduras COMSA. This bean makes a fabulous high-quality single-origin cold brew and is Fair Trade. We hope you enjoy it.


Our Honduras COMSA Offering

Our Honduras COMSA selection comes from the Montecillos region, which is situated at high altitudes along the Salvadoran border in southwest Honduras. The coffee cultivated in this region has gained recognition around the world. This recognition has made the Montecillos region the first Origin Denomination in Honduras: Cafe De Marcala or Denominacion De Origen Cafe De Marcala (COMSA). Honduras COMSA is sourced from a group of 641 farmers in the Marcala region. Members of COMSA and COMSA itself are an innovator in the region. Organic production and farming techniques are being taught at the new COMSA wet mill in the hopes of receiving the certified organic distinction. Also, the participation of women within the organization has been significantly increased. This has led to a successful women’s group being established where homegrown organic produce is sold at a farmers market.


Can’t get enough of our Honduras?? Grab a bag of our Sunshine Cold Brew blend, the amazing flavors of Honduras are complimented with our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and then tamed and balanced by our Brazil Mogiana.



We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest coffee possible, we accomplish that by shipping your order within 24 hours of it being roasted.

Honduras Comsa

Sales Tax Included
    • Medium Roast
    • Light Bodied
    • Mouth Feel: Clean, Silky, Quick
    • Noted Flavors: Lemongrass, Honeysuckle, Orange
    • Makes a refreshing cold brew!
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