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Midnight Sky is now available in K-Cup Form!  Our classic dark roast that produces a robust, bold, coating cup that is smooth and delicious. This bold dark roast showcases dark chocolate and toasty notes. It is a staple in our home, and we are sure it will become one in yours too. We are sure you will love the rich, toasty, dark chocolate flavors of this dark roast coffee as much as we do!


Background Information

Dark roasted coffee highlights the roaster, due to the fact that the coffee is roasted longer and most of the origin flavors are gone. The flavors left behind are that of the roast, smoky, chocolatey, and bittersweet.  Many dark roast coffees taste burnt and bitter, there is a fine line of producing a fantastic dark roast and burning the beans.



We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest coffee possible, we accomplish that by shipping your order within 24 hours of it being roasted.

Midnight Sky K -Cups

Sales Tax Included
Price Options
One-time purchase
Once a Month
Get Your River Blend Coffee Automatically and Save 5%
$12.35every month until canceled
Weekly Subscription
$12.35every week until canceled
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee: If you don't love your coffee, let us know and we will gladly roast you another type.


    *Customer to pay shipping

    ** No refunds

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