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Sunshine cold brew gives you a bright, crisp and clean feeling in your mouth with delectable chocolate, orange and honeysuckle flavors. This is our absolute favorite cold brew blend! This blend has a nice medium body that holds up perfectly to milk and cream in blended and iced coffees, but also taste wonderful black over ice.


Background Information

Cold Brew??? Cold Brew coffee is made by steeping medium to coarse ground coffee in water for 12-24 hours, the longer you steep the grounds the stronger your concentration will be. When steeping is complete, simply filter out the grounds and you have ready to use cold brew concentrate. Depending on your preference, you can add some ice cubes and drink your cold brew as is, or you can dilute it with your preferred liquid.  Cold-brew is never exposed to heat, so it does not have the acidity that is found in brewed coffee.  Check out our blog post, DIY Mason Jar Cold Brew!


Our Offering

Sunshine Cold Brew combines a trio of coffees that are a match made in cold brew heaven! The well balanced Brazil tames the tart acidity of Honduras and the Ethiopian adds the wonderful fruity flavor that will quench your cold brew craving.



We pride ourselves on delivering the freshest coffee possible, we accomplish that by shipping your order within 24 hours of it being roasted.

We roast all beans individually, then blend them once they have cooled. This process ensures each bean has been roasted to bring forth its individual flavor profile.

Sunshine Cold Brew

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  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee: If you don't love your coffee, let us know and we will gladly roast you another type.


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