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Ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Do you ever wonder what you can do with those used coffee grounds instead of just throwing them out? keep reading to find out some different ways to repurpose those coffee grounds after enjoying a nice cup of your fresh River Blend coffee.

  1. Keep some in your fridge to eliminate odor. Most people know that keeping baking soda in the fridge will eliminate food odors, but did you know that used coffee grounds will do the same things?

  2. Repel insects. Some components in coffee are toxic to insects. Set out bowls of used coffee grounds or sprinkle some around outdoor seating areas to repel fruit flies mosquitoes and beetles.

  3. Use as a body scrub. Used coffee grounds mixed with warm water or body oil are great for exfoliating your skin.

  4. Get rid of the onion smell from chopping. After chopping onions, you may have noticed that the smell lingers on your fingertips for what seems like forever. Wash your hands with some used coffee grounds and water to get rid of that pesky smell!

  5. Use as a natural cleaner. If you like to avoid cleaning with chemicals, try coffee grounds. Coffee grounds' abrasive nature helps remove build-up on surfaces. Try scrubbing your sink, cookware or grill with some grounds. Just be careful not to use this method on porous surfaces, because then the grounds will leave a brown stain.

  6. Put some in your garden. Coffee grounds are full of rich nutrients that lots of vegetables and plants will thrive off of. Throw some used coffee grounds in when you plant your seeds or right on top of the soil if they're already planted.

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